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Arun Malik(Author/Writer) is an internationally acclaimed inspirational writer.Arun Malik wrote seven inspirational books. These are - Inviting Abundance, Courting Happiness, You Can Make It Big, Unfolding Dreams, Winning Over Life, Marrying Happiness and The Reflections.
Arun malik aims to become a thought leader on the world stage. His collection of seven books can leave you spellbound with a great fire to succeed, manifested in Arun's thought's , words and teachings. Arun Malik is a master motivator and a successful leader whose experiences and conflicting circumstances have enabled him to understand how learning and positivity can change your life. His books do not aim at bringing change in the world. They just inspire people to think and feel in a more optimistic manner, which in turn makes them more resolute to achieve success and turn their dreams into reality.

Arun Malik grew up in India but later worked in United States and United Kingdom at big corporations in Information Technology domain. When he got a chance to lead big teams, Arun Malik discovered that his positive words and attitude used to have a remarkable impact on his team's performance and productivity. Arun Malik consciously honed his inspirational skills over the years and his seven books are a manifestation of wisdom gathered over a long time, in inspiring and motivating folks.

Author Arun malik graduated in Mechanical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Allahabad, India and later did an MBA from IRMA, Anand, India


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When Times Are Tough: A collection of 180 original inspirational quotes from the master motivato

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